Copy of Copy of Sammydillas - FB cover

Sammydilla's began one afternoon while we were trying to solve the age old question "what are we going to eat?" Always up for a good sandwich we began to dig through our refrigerator and find everything we needed for a Cuban sandwich EXCEPT for the bread.

As we began sadly and slowly putting everything back in the refrigerator, inspiration struck! Kenny grabbed some tortillas and said ""this might work?"" 
#SPOILER did work!

Not only did it work it became our go-to way to enjoy all of our favorite sandwiches!

A cheesesteak?! Delicious!

The pastrami?! Amazing!

And where it all began...The Cuban?! Outstanding!

In 2021, we decided to take this sandwich show on the road and Sammydilla's was born! 

We hope you will join us on this journey and enjoy some amazing Sammydilla's along the way! 

So, what is a Sammydilla?

It's your favorite sandwich + quesadilla in one! We use fresh, tasty, made from scratch ingredients smothered in cheese and perfectly grilled in a flour tortilla.


It's not your dad's quesadilla. It's not your mom's Sandwich. It's a Sammydilla!